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Reading Tutoring & The Barton Method
Barton Reading Method
Grades 1-12
2x/week  •  $75/hour  •  12-18 months

One-on-one multi-sensory reading tutoring for those with visual processing issues or dyslexia.      Phonemic Awareness in Book 1
 Letters and sounds in Book 2
 Syllable division/vowel teams in Book 3
 Can work through Book 10
Speed Reading
Grades 7-12
1x/week  •  $75/hour  •  12-15 months

One-on-one reading tutoring for those interested in improving speed and comprehension.     
 Long Smooth Underline (LSU) Technique
 Focus and Retention through Tellbacks
 Speed using Phrasing and LSU
Writing Tutoring
Grades 6-12
1x/week  •  $65/hour  

One-on-one writing tutoring for those students needing to eloquently express themselves. 
 Grammar work
 Essay structure and format
 Typing and Keyboarding for struggling writers
“After attending The Learning Center’s Reading Clinics over the summer, my daughter’s life was entirely changed. Her grades went from D’s last year to A’s and B’s so far this year. She’s more confident, and she loves to read now.” 
   - Carrie, Boulder, CO 
“When working with Blair, not only do you get the Barton program, but you also get a talented tutor that relates extremely well with children and teens…I highly recommend both Barton and Blair since the combination has changed my son’s life.” 
   - Ron, Boulder, CO

“Blair was adamant that Barton would make a difference for my son, so we decided to give it a try. As the months went by, it slowly became very obvious that school was becoming easier and his confidence was emerging.”       – Jeff, Erie, CO
“One year of Barton tutoring with Blair Tyse helped my daughter more than doing years of other methods and spending thousands of dollars on ineffective programs.”  
 - Michelle, Boulder, CO
“After a short summer of intensive work, she now believes in herself and knows she is capable.” 
  -Itai, Louisville, CO